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"What do you suggest for the colour?"

Working on painting people's houses, we often get the question: "What do you suggest for the colour?". There are so many options, and colour variations, that each of the paint retailers have their own colour book, consisting of over 200 options. On top of that, some of the products have their own colour selection.

There are several ways to deal with the issue: hire a designer firm, a designer from the paint store, or look for some ideas online or in the design books. What we would like to prevent the clients from, is choosing one idea and implement it, regardless of the current interior situation. People may like the new orange colour, and apply it on without seeing the rest of the walls being blue, so the result clashes with the rest of the house.

Our main suggestion is to be consistent with your ideas. Choose the main feature you want to underline, and play around it, keeping the balance.

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