Our Services

Our Services


It is the main focus of our business. Imagine someone doing the same thing over and over, full time, 8-10 hours a day, 5-7 times a week. We know painting from left to the right, backwards, and inside out. Everything from the prep, masking, to final finish coat. We've been around for over 10 years, and there is a reason for that-we put our name on everything we do, and we are very proud of each project completed.

Drywall installation

We work closely with drywall professional crews, and can always recommend the fitting one for your project. However, in some instances, the drywall work load is not overwhelming, and we take it, along the way of painting. Drywall patch installation, fixing some drywall damages, even boarding a room, or two, - is something we can and will do for you, shall the need arise.

Trim, doors and windows

The most expensive part of the job, showing the level and skills of everybody involved in building process: from carpenters to painters. This part of the project is very important to be done right the first time, as it will cost much more to fix what wasn't done properly. In order to make trim, doors and windows look it's best, we do in-house preparation. We fill the nail holes, buff-sand the whole surface to make it uniform before painting. We also do our own caulking, to ensure trim looks solid when painted. Working the trim with the brush is preferred way of finishing it, as it looks good, stands out comparing to drywall, and has a bit of extra glow to it, comparing to having it rolled. Trim, doors and windows are the most important part of painting project, and should be given some extra time and effort, as it will pay off in the future.


Most of the stained products, such as kitchen cabinets, trim, furniture, etc, come pre-finished from the supplier. Some, however, are installed raw, or have to be installed prior to staining them, in order to keep the best look, and avoid installation damages. We offer custom staining by hand and brush on the spot, delivering exceptional results for the final finish. All the preparation work is done in-house, so you get the best possible look to enjoy for years to come.

Wallpaper hanging

We do any complexity wallpaper hanging: from vinyl to fabric ones. We partnership with the retailers such as "Benjamin Moore", "Farrel and Ball", etc and provide the work track record with clients feedback.


Is an alternative to the wallpaper, and it is one of the custom finishes we do. There are several ways of doing it, but the idea is to apply paint the certain way, to bring the desired featured look. Stripes, ornaments, or the whole wall covered in patterns: it is up to you what you wanna see on your feature wall. Makes the walls look expensive, stand out, and catch the eye giving your house that extra feature, your friends will be discussing long after they see it.

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