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Your Vision – our approach

No matter the complexity, we work on your side. Anything you have in mind can be achieved, and we are there to help you. Everything from a simple support, advise or a tip on how to get the result desired: all you have to do is ask.

materials to get you going

We work with different products to deliver the best results for the project, and provide you as the client, with a discount we get at the retail stores. Anything from complete zero VOC green products, to oil-based wood stains and clear coats – we've got you covered. We work with you from choosing the product, the colour, the desired final look, managing the purchase, to delivery and application. All of this is a part of the service we provide to our clients.

flexible work process

Doing what we do every day, for over 10 years, we have a pretty good idea on what it takes, how long, how fast, and what needs to be done to give you exactly what you ask for. There are multiple ways to do a job, and achieve the same result. We are by your side, to walk you step by step through the process: when to start, what materials should be used, can some of the work be avoided, what are the best finishing techniques, etc. – every job we take on, starts with a detailed plan, and can be adjusted according to your requests.

Our Services


From priming to level 5 drywall finish, we do it all. Regular rolling, custom drywall finishes, faux finishes are some examples of the quality work we provide. Different products (latex, oil, hybrid), different techniques (rolling, brushing, back brushing, ragging), we have the answer for you.

Drywall installation

Boarding, taping, mudding can be done as we work on painting the other areas. In fact, if the drywall work volume is not overwhelming, it makes more sense to let us do the drywall work for you, instead of calling the drywall crew since we are already at your site.

trim, door and windows

The most important part of the painting project, giving it that extra feature and making stand out. It is very time consuming, detail oriented, and skill requiring part, and we always spend extra time and effort to make it look its best.


Sometimes having the wood stained in the shop is not an option, due to different reasons. We can hand-stain any complexity wood work on your site, in your home, and make it look as it was done in the shop.

wallpaper hanging

We do any complexity wallpaper hanging: from vinyl to fabric ones. We partnership with the retailers such as "Benjamin Moore", "Farrel and Ball", etc and provide the work track record with clients feedback.


Wallpaper alternative. Different patterns, ornaments, borders. We can order any stencils to bring your ideas to life, no matter the complexity.

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